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[5 Pcs] Black Washable Comfortable Cotton Masks with Filter Pocket, Made in the USA

[5 Pcs] Black Washable Comfortable Cotton Masks with Filter Pocket, Made in the USA Item NO.: Freecdc - 036

US$ 22.99
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  • Adjustable Ear Loops - The ear loops are adjustable to allow you to get the mask to fit your face easily. There is a built in lanyard strap that goes around your neck to keep the mask on you body when you need to take it off your face.
  • Comfortable, Breathable, & Washable - These masks are made from two layers of cotton t-shirt material, making them soft on the skin and easy to breath through. You can wash and reuse your mask over and over again.
  • Pocket for Filters - There is a pocket where you can insert filters into this mask. The filters are not included.
  • Made in the USA - These masks are made in the USA from US Made fabric. Thanks for supporting American manufacturing.

Product Name [5 Pcs] Black Washable Comfortable Cotton Masks with Filter Pocket, Made in the USA
Item NO. Freecdc - 036
Weight 0.2 kg = 0.4409 lb = 7.0548 oz
Category Cotton Masks
Tag Cotton Face Masks
Brand Gosbuy
Creation Time 2006-01-01

Comfortable Adjustable Cotton Mask with Filter Pocket, Made in the USA
Made from a soft, 2-ply t-shirt cotton, these masks make it easy to follow guidance that we all wear masks to keep each other healthy. They are designed to be washable and reusable: just toss it into the washer when you get home and wash it the next time you run a load of laundry. They also have a pocket for you to easily insert a filter for extra protection while still being able to easily breathe through the mask.

Curved shape to fit your face better
Our masks have a center seam to allow the shape of the mask to curve around the fit of your face.
We find that they fit a lot better, and are a lot more comfortable, than the cheaper masks that are flat and don't fit your face.

Adjustable stretchy jersey ear loops
Our cotton jersey ear loops are adjustable, stretchy and soft, so that the mask is comfortable enough to wear all day.
You can tighten or loosen the ear loops so it will fit your face best.
The keeper neck strap allows you to take your mask off to eat or drink, but not remove it from your person. It will hang neatly around your neck.

Made in the USA so you can trust the materials
These masks have a pocket where you can insert a filter for added protection. Even with a filter you can still breathe through the masks comfortably.
Filters not included.

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30 Days Ago


I like it so much I bought another one. It's keeps my face warm too. Even my boss lady and my mom want me to buy them one too. So I am not the only one who likes the face mask. I may buy a one soon.

30 Days Ago


Nice product, I like that it can hang from your neck when not in use. The only issue I see is that it a little pricey

30 Days Ago


I just want to start off this review by saying that this is not a fake review. This mask is excellent, I see people are saying that this is poorly made but it's a cotton mask, and it's very adjustable with the earloops to fit your size. I love the neck string because I forget my masks in my car, at work, at home all the time. and I hated forgetting my mask in the car when I went to the store and had to go back and get it. This keeps me from having to do that. Also, this one actually FITS MY FACE!!!! I'm not a large man and all these other masks I have had and tried don't fit at all and look so weird on my face, but this one is the best overall. The material is soft and adjustable to fit right for me. Doesn't fog my shades either. I couldn't ask more from this mask. One thing I can say that it is a little high in price but if you think about it, the mask does have a string to go around the neck so you don't lose it or forget it.

30 Days Ago


Love the string that goes around your neck so you can pull the mask up and down with ease and always have the mask with you!

30 Days Ago


These masks are comfortable, 2 layers PLUS a filter.....

30 Days Ago


Bought this for my husband, other masks were to small. The ability to adjust this to fit was just perfect forhim .

30 Days Ago


I ordered these for my husband at work. He says it fits good and it’s nice to have it around my neck when he is alone and doing his paperwork.

30 Days Ago


Works well and covers beard well. Same Complaint as others about it not having a wire on the nose but other than that I'm pleased.

30 Days Ago


I love this mask. I can easily adjust it to keep my ears from getting sore. The integrated neck strap makes it easy to take on and off if you are going in and out of places where it is needed. The filter pocket is there, but pretty useless, so not a feature that makes much difference. Overall, this is a great cloth mask, adjustable, soft, comfortable, and convenient.

30 Days Ago


This is a great mask for men with beards.Pros:1. It was very easy to adjust for a perfect fit.2. Very comfortable.3. The cotton is very soft on your face4. Stays relatively coolCond:1. No nose clamp. Glasses tend to fog up rather fast.Overall a very good item. Works as advertised. I'll be reordering soon

30 Days Ago


I really like this mask as it is the first one that correctly covers my chin and short beard. I really wish it had the nose wire. I added one and now it’s perfect.

30 Days Ago


I, like everyone else, have purchased countless masks hoping that maybe this one will fit, just to find out it doesn't. THIS ONE FITS! I got the Adult size and it fit over my nose and under my chin and space in-between the mask and your face so you don't sound mumbley. With the adjustable ear loops you can set it so that your ears aren't pulled forward and it doesn't smash your nose flat. This is the best mask I've bought in all year. I'm going to buy several more. It was also delivered the day after I ordered it, so it ships fast too. Very very Happy

30 Days Ago


I really like this mask and I hate wearing a mask. It is large enough for my beard and fit comfortably for extended use. The neck strap is really great. Can't lose it if it around your neck.

30 Days Ago


Great for larger faces.

30 Days Ago


This extra large mask actually can contain my husbands large beard. I put a surgical mask inside the filter pocket and it fit great. He says its the best mask I've found him. I do wish it had a nose wire so I gave it 4 stars instead of 5

30 Days Ago


I bought this for my Granddad at the beginning of the pandemic. He said is is very comfortable and easy to wear.

30 Days Ago


This mask has a pocket for a filter, but like most it's not that easy to get the filters in and out. It comes without a metal strip to mold it to your nose, so it leaks warm moist air onto your glasses. I was able to add a 3rd party strip which solved that problem. The ear straps are wide, which makes it more comfortable but also makes it more likely to pull your ears out from your head - don't adjust it too tight. Overall, this is a comfortable and effective mask with capacity to contain a beard.

30 Days Ago


I love this mask for errands or times when I have to take the mask on and off. The mask adjusts easily because the ties pull through, so it can be tailored to your face and won't pull on your ears. Then, when you need to take the mask off, you just pull it down and it hangs from your neck like a lanyard--always at the ready to go back on. Very clever design. Also, there is an opening where you can put a filter into the mask. Without the filter, it offers 2-layer protection. I read that dried-out baby wipes are very effective as a filter, so I cut them down to put into the mask when I feel I need that extra layer of protection. Very pleased with this mask.

30 Days Ago


I like this mask. While a gaiter is my favorite, there are times when gaiters are not appropriate or it is too hot to use them. My biggest complaint about masks, besides my glasses fogging, are feeling like the straps are going to pull my ears off. Then the third most annoying thing is where do you put them when they are not on. I used my center console in my car for a while, but that just means 80% of the time I was walking back to my car when I remembered that I needed a mask. I thought about my pocket, but don’t really want to breathe through pocket litter residue. It wasn’t until I saw a football game and the coaching staff had masks with a “croakie” for lack of a better term. Because I do have a large head, I bought the XL’s.The way this mask works is that the neck and ear pieces are connected. The mask and keeper can be pulled over any head or hair style without a lot of fuss. Then when you are ready to put the mask on you grab the keeper and get some slack which goes behind the ears, tug the keeper til it’s tight and mask is in place.In all this mask, has the tapered cut at the nose and plenty of coverage. If there is one flaw it is that it never seems tight enough. It doesn’t fall off or anything, but it feels like it might. While this is slightly annoying, have the mask hanging around your neck, always ready to use makes up for the fit. If you wear glasses, there is enough fabric that you can bring it up over your nose and then let your glasses sit on the fabric. This does two things- eliminates fogging and helps you feel like the mask is snug.If you have a large head, can’t keep up with or forget your mask, then I highly recommend this style of mask. I have not tried others like this, so the 4 may be unfair. I just think the construction could be improved upon slightly and make the perfect mask - if there is such a thing.

30 Days Ago


Like any cloth mask, there's no way it will actually prevent sickness from a virus. But at least it's comfortable. If you simply 'have to' wear a mask, this one should do the trick. It also fits an adults face instead of the small ones that look even more foolish.